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I Love You To My Heart (yes, seriously, you!)

Welcome to the Museletter!

First edition! Hot off the press (or at least off my keyboard!)

A monthly newsletter where I’ll update you on my creative endeavours, books that I’ve enjoyed (with links where relevant), and some musings on the creative process.

Time is precious and I don’t want to waste yours, so…

My update: I’ve published my second book, I Love You To My Heart.

I wrote this as a way to express how I love my youngest. When I was a child I used to play, “I can jump higher than the buildings / I can jump higher than the trees / I can jump higher than the clouds.” My boy and I would do this - but I would always ‘win’ because I knew more words than he did. I realised that this wasn’t encouraging his sense of self-worth, or valuing his efforts. I needed to let him ‘win’ too. I Love You To My Heart” is an expression of that.

I recently finished reading “Marriage Unarranged” by Ritu Bhathal. It’s a clean romance which the author herself describes as 'Chickpea Curry’ Lit - Chick Lit with an Indian twist.

The story follows Aashi, just prior to her dream wedding, when she finds out she’s being cheated on. Not content to totally abandon all of her plans, she, her best friend, and two protective older brothers go to India to holiday, shop, and leave her pain behind. This book is so full of heart, warmth, beauty and humour - it was such a pleasure to read a book that takes you on a warm journey where you know there will be a happy-ever-after. I absolutely cannot wait for her next book! - if you have a book that you’d like to recommend, please drop me a line so I can include it!

Art for Inspiration. I read a quote from a Vineyard church singer-songwriter (who’s name I sadly cannot recall), which basically said: If you’re having trouble finding inspiration for writing worship songs, then go and have a look through some National Geographic magazines. Look at the photos, just drink in the beauty and the wonder of our incredible world, and allow that to water the creative ground inside you.

This is a principle that I’ve found holds true for whatever writing or creativity you enjoy. Find magazines, art exhibitions, Pinterest posts, that nurture the thing you love, and allow that to encourage you.

And just to make you groan: Have you heard about the new broom craze? It’s sweeping the nation!

Thanks for your time. Max and I will ‘see’ you next month.

Mauri ora!

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